Meet the Slack App for Splunk!

Where Productivity Meets Insight.


Gain Insight into your Slack Environment

Seamlessly monitor your team's Slack activity with the Slack App for Splunk! By leveraging Slack App for Splunk’s modular inputs, messages generated in your public Slack channels are collected and indexed into Splunk, ready for reporting.

Native Modular Inputs

Access key user and message data from Slack’s Web API Index Slack metrics into Splunk for fast searching and reporting

Gain Visibility into User Activity

Report when and where your team members login Discover the most frequent users and their device usage

Explore Messaging Metrics

Assess message volume trends over time Examine which users are utilizing the most storage

Prebuilt Dashboards

The Slack App for Splunk also provides prebuilt dashboards for Slack monitoring. Effortlessly track metrics including: where and how often your users are logging in, and storage usage by team member with ready-to-use dashboards.


Download the App!

Your journey to an optimized Slack Environment can start today by downloading the Slack App for Splunk. The Slack App for Splunk was not created by, affiliated with, or supported by Slack Technologies, Inc.